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Jens Leske | | development for web and mobile devices

Dell Solution Finder


Flash driven product finder. As every step is registered in a database the application waits until it gets the ok from the server to present next step. For high flexibility most of the content is set and configurable from xml.

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Techniques: backend, frontend, xml, flash, as3

Extension to Leerdammer Homepage


Extended existing homepage with video and game sections. Done with pureMVC.

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Techniques: mysql, backend, frontend, php, sql, flash, as3

Avira Online Training


Online training with xml backend. The slides are loaded on runtime, so that the container is reusable for different trainings.

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Techniques: xml, swfaddress, flash, as3

RUV Online Training

R+V Versicherung

Online training for employees of a big German insurance company.

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Techniques: backend, frontend, php, xml, flash, as3, css, html

Samsung Touch UI


Touch screen interface realized with Flash. Installed in electronic markets like Saturn to provide information about Samsung's products.

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Techniques: backend, frontend, xml, swfaddress, flash, as3

Sufino Flash Game


Elaborate flash animation for a children's website.

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Techniques: backend, frontend, papervision3d, xml, swfaddress, flash, as3