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Jens Leske | | development for web and mobile devices

STZ Html Templates

For the Berlin based agency Neofonie Mobile I was developing the mechanism to dynamically create the html-templates for this newspaper app.


Techniques: handlebarsJS, css3, html5, ajax, javascript, frontend, jquery


Adam + Harborth

A html shop website done with cakephp. Works with and without JavaScript support. Customers can choose between four different payment types including PayPal and payment via credit card.


Techniques: paymill api, paypal api, css3, html5, ajax, javascript, mysql, backend, frontend, php, cakephp, sql, jquery, css, html

Sencha Touch web app


The client needed an app for internal use running on all major mobile devices' operating systems. The sales folk should be able to use it as a source of information to improve communication with potential customers. The solution was a web app based on the Sencha Touch framework that includes support for Windows Phones with the then brand new Windows 8 operating system. The app preloads all content and saves it on the device for offline usage. Setting a bookmark on the home screen supports the "native" feeling of the app.


Techniques: Sencha Touch, css3, html5

Membership administration tool

Iyengar Yoga Deutschland

An elaborate tool to administrate a yoga community's membership database. It was developed from scratch in cakephp in permanent communication with the client to perfectly fit the client's needs.


Techniques: css3, html5, ajax, javascript, mysql, backend, frontend, php, cakephp, jquery

Norbert Cheminel Homepage Relaunch

Norbert Cheminel

The client's flash homepage had to be redone as a html driven site with optimization for tablets - especially for the iPad. A key feature is the resizing of the images depending on the window size.


Techniques: ajax, javascript, mysql, backend, frontend, php, cakephp, jquery, css, html

jQuery apps for WAZ app

WAZ New Media

In addition to the normal news content presented in HTML the app offers information in form of JavaScript applications. The most elaborate is the tv programme. Others are the football table, the horoscope page, and the weather page. The app saves the state of some of those applications so the user gets to see the same state when he turns the device - for example from portrait mode to landscape mode - and the web view is built once again.


Techniques: jquery, javascript, html5, css3

Bendix Bauer Online Shop

Bendix Bauer

Online shop with use of pay pal api. cms done in cakephp.


Techniques: paypal api, javascript, mysql, backend, frontend, php, cakephp, sql, jquery, css, html

Drei Masken Verlag CMS

Drei Masken Verlag

Typo3 cms used for homepage relaunch of a publishing house. Done in cooperation with


Techniques: javascript, frontend, typo3, php, jquery, css, html